The Migration

Smart Contract Upgrade

A new an improved Contract

On the 31st of October 2022 the DYOR token underwent a token migration. A snapshot of all current V1 holders was taken on 31:10:2022 at 01:20 GMT. All current holders are eligible for a 1:1 swap of their V1 tokens for the new and improved contract. Buys after this time on V1 are not eligible.
So why has there been a contract Migration?
On our current contract we had some bugs and lacking functions. The bug was the Whitelisting wallets was not working correctly and would only whitelist buying and not for selling. This had become a roadblock with our approach to exchange listings. This is now fixed. The added feature is Zero Transfer tax, You are now able to send between wallets and ledgers with Zero transfer tax.
Is this a relaunch?
No, this is still the same great DYOR we all know and love, the only difference is we are now better and shinier than ever. See the link below to the New Smart contract on BSCScan.